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Omgosh I loved this game so much! The color scheme, the theme, the gameplay and just the general aesthetic. Please make this into a full length project!

This game was Great ! Ill rate it : 20/IO ! It was hard to remenber the orders...But nice Game !

I featured your game in my video! I loved the art style and really feel you could build even more on this game base! Also, I loved the addition of the recipe booklet with details about the food item and how to make it! Absolutely beautifully crafted and thank you for all your hard work!

OH THANK YOU SO MUCH...!!! What a cute video concept too... thank you!!

Also I noticed the animation issue kept happening hfhfhg.. it's because if you start moving before the scene "changes" it interrupts the animation transition! If you stop movin' it'll fix itself out though! 😭

I did realize after a some trial and error myself. As I said in the video, it doesn't effect the gameplay, just the visual, and that is perfectly fine! Honestly you did an amazing job!

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Hiya! The game is really cute, but there's a few bugs I want to report, if it helps. I unfortunately couldn't complete the game because it freezes when you try to talk to this plant person(?):

I can avoid this NPC, but my recipe book wouldn't come up after a few deliveries, so I can't tell who's missing and I'm not sure who else to talk to.

And I don't know if it's relevant but there's another glitch where the main character slides along the ground when delivering food sometimes, but it's not game-breaking and just looks kind of silly:

I also want to mention that I forced windowed mode with "ALT+ENTER" and manually resized the game for recording purposes because there weren't any innate resolution options, in case maybe that affects anything.

Anyways, aside from the technical issues, it's a nice-looking casual game. I hope the issues are fixed, and I wish you luck on your future projects!

i really the art style so i will be doing a video on it becasue this desreves be shown :3

I loved this game! I hope to see more from you in the future. My favorite character was Beau! The low poly models went so well with the ambience of the entire game. I would definitely recommend trying this game for yourself :)

l love that style!

l really enjoyed it yay!

Very nice but I had a few technical problems:

1. The game crashed before I was able to see the ending (after completing 9 deliveries)
2. I also was unable to view the profile/recipe page after the first 2 deliveries, I still heard the sound effect of it opening when I pressed the key but it didn't actually open 

3. Accidentally skipped a lot of dialogue while pressing space to try to advance/speed up dialogue (a standard thing in most games), with no option to repeat or view the missed dialogue

4. No save option means that to see any of the contents I missed/restart to see if it helps with bugs would mean having to play the entire game from the beginning.

Ohhh nooo the first two were issues I thought I had fixed... I'd ask for more details but with the problem being seemingly solved on my end I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. Apologies for the issues and thank you for playing regardless!!

( As for the dialogue skipping issue, the dialogue completes if you mouseclick instead of space! Not ideal, but does speed it up without closing the whole subtitle box. )

I seem to have the same issues however the game only crashes for me after I interact with the "plant". I managed to complete the rest of the orders though and even though there were some technical issues I still enjoyed the game :)

Gamers we are out here BAKING. We are making tasty treats and frightful sweets. And the friendships we make tie it all together... what a wonderful trip to take for Halloween ^_^

Please make this available for Mac (n_n) 

I'd love to, but I unfortunately have no way to test how it'd run...! 😭

That's a bummer :-(

this is so cute and the aesthetic is so so so so so solid

ok but this is such a cute and charming game, the graphics and ui are amazing and i love the dialogue please make more or ill ferment something and leave it in your house and not tell you where it is